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Having assured you about your privacy when you visit our website, we wish to inform you that when you log onto our website, our system automatically collects some data about you. This is done with the sole interest of making your experience great and improving internet connectivity at large.

Data We Collect from Our Visitors

Usually, when you visit any website, the website collects information about and this includes the information you willingly provide to the website and the ones the website collects automatically from your browser.

Data that we collect from you include your name, email address, comments, and cookies about your browser. We also collect third party embed and a few other information necessary to maintain the integrity of the cyberspace.

Comments: When you visit our website, you would see the comment section provided at the bottom of each post. Our guest usually uses the comment section to provide feedback to us and ask questions concerning the post they have read.

Our security system collects these comments and stored them with the view to improve the performance of our website. Comments are not necessarily private properties as they are displayed on the website for all to see.

IP Address: Please note that when you visit our website, our security system automatically collects your information about your IP address. This is done for the sole purpose of improving the integrity and security of the Cyberspace, please note that we understand this information is extremely sensitive and as such, we shall not divulge this information with anyone.
Internet Service Provider: Please note that our security and anti-spam system collect information about your internet provider such as AOL. This information is strictly used for the purpose of combating spam and would not be shared with a third party.
Cookies: When you visit a website, in some cases you are asked to save some information about yourself like Username, email, or websites in cookies. This is usually done with the aim of making easy login when next you visit the website.

our website also employs this method, when you visit our website, we collect information about your browser cookies and store in our security system. The cookies collected from your website usually last for one year on our website after which our system automatically deletes it.

Secondly, when you subscribe to our newsletter, our system automatically sets up the cookies you provided while subscribing to the newsletter. This cookie is utilized to reach out to you.

Also, when you log in to our website, our trusted system sets up several cookies about you, including information provided by you and other screen display preferences.

Login cookies last for two days or one year depending on your setting. These cookies are removed from our system when you exit our website.

Third Party Embeds: Please note that we collect data about third party embed for security reasons and purpose of improving the internet performance. This includes websites you share links with.
Google Analytics

Our site also partners with Google. We are connected with google analytics which helps us improve the performance of our website.

Google Adsense

This website also intends to partner with the Google Adsense program and as such, Google Adsense collects the cookies from our visitors for the sole purpose of serving them with better ads

Why We Collect Your Data

In addition to the aforesaid reasons for the collection of data, we wish to inform you that data collection is compulsory for anyone who wishes to operate a website. This is the international standard save these data are not divulged or sold to a third party. We wish to state categorically that we at would never engage in such practice.

We collect your data for the following purposes;

  • improving our website to provide better services
  • To filter out spammers
  • To enable our paid security tool to protect our website against fraud
  • Provide evidence on a legal basis

Who do we share your data with?

We share your data to trusted parties including our paid security operators. Your data is shared with our security operators to ensure the integrity of our website is not at risk and protect us from hackers.

Also, we share your data with the European data protection center for storage and protection.

Please note that you reserve the option and may choose not to share your information with us by adjusting the settings o your browser.